Im so sick of these fuckers thinking their tough just cause they listen to rap music stfu you insecure lil fucka driving by me with there seat back lookin at me like there gonna do some shit fuckin annoying you wont do shit u fucking “LAMES” i swear my anxiety acts up when im in public so my adrenaline is already pumping so im always ready for some shit 

  • If you gotta act tough in public you aint bout shit..just an act

I’m sick of these redneck fucks thinking they so cool with jacked up trucks like sit tf down u retarted boot wearing tight jean mouth dipping loser your not shit but a bitch with daddy issues Last one,If i see another bitch  that talks about 21 pilots infront of me im slappin em in tha mouth with a damn tennis racket your not cool no one cares about your feelings we know you have period issues fuck..

Fuck all them “Solo Menace”

Were the solo ones


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