Wassup yall

Sorry i havent posted i havent had Internet lol i finally got the DAW had a financial issue but im good now i guess… i been contemplating on what i truly wanna do with my life i wanna be a successful muscian like every other “Kid” does right? My family tells me oh Dylan u need to get a “Real” job… like that is a real job whats better than making music for everyone in the world to hear to let them know that ik what it feels like to be a loner have anxiety with people thinking your weird and strange ik how that feels and i want “those” kind of people to know its ok and your not alone ik what it feels like to have constant worry to where u cant even SLEEP…but just know its alright just have a mental blueprint of your days and set out a goal for everyday so u wont have the time to worry youll be busy and by the timw your threw u will be tired at the end of that day… i want to have a career in music im sick of simple minded people saying college is a real job or working for a “BOSS” is a real job i wanna be my own boss i wanna do the things i wanna do i wanna have full CONTROL who wouldn’t? I just need to erase the doubt on my brain its like a black cloud sorry this was long lol but everyone with anxiety and all that ik how it feels your not alone “WERE” the solo ones 

i like this photo with my fav color purple lol


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