Im sitting here… i made a beat but i hate the shit…. my beats are lame to me is because ik i could be better or am i just my worst critic idk but i hate every beat i make other than the couple beats…most people dont know the stress i have…bein 16 bout to be 17 and already

Writing songs,producing all my beats,mixing all my beats,mastering all my shit and publishing all my shit by myself and dont get me started on the haters that dont even give my shit a chance while there stuck in the box listening to that  robotic trap trash shit thats always on the radio or how everyone loves fuckin chicago rappers n shit its seems like all the real artist are never appreciated while these fake ass rappers with fake ass jewelry with rented ass cars and stupid ass whores in there videos that probably got a damn disease n shit…everyone wants to adore those “Type” of rappers am i bitching? Of course not i just state the obvious most the kids dont even know what year hip hop resonated but they claim they love some hip hop stfu u lying hypebeast fucker…. lonnie liston smith..you probably dont even know who that is..these fuckers need some knowledge on real music that sooths your soul n shit

-Dylan Tha Kyd 



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