My friend asked me why do i not have any followers on soundcloud?

1. I just made it yesterday i have my other account but that for listening to not my music.

2.i dont have any value for no one on my SoundCloud yet ive been working on the purple EP everyday since i told yall im releasing it plus it takes a couple of days cause i have to mix and master it. takes time amd im patient i hope everyone likes the EP many people wont due to it being different but im different and im not changing for anyone.

He also asked me why dont you buy fake followers?

1.its fuckin stupid and unprofessional your setting your self up to fail im not like these other artists who buys likes n shit to seem like there poppin thats stupid who does that shit your pretty much lying to the fans that are there looking at your shit…

This was the coolest shit when i heard it on song 1. Having the sample of “Bread” song “if” and my favorite song on this mixtape is “Air” with the sample of i couldn’t love you more by sade… beautiful song i bump this in the car fr 

I would give yall the download link but all those pop ups n shit would go on your phone and their annoying as hell lol so ill give yall the youtube link:

Check this out💎


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