Love-Hate relationship 

I figured what my problem was with my music u know when you have bf/gf and you love em but the next second you just wanna strangle em well im the same with my damn music 1 min im like hey this beat is cool the next im like this shit is fuckin lame horse shit beat im tired of it…. im bout to beat my ass and throw him in tha fuck im sick of DARL talkin shit in my brain…

Whose DARL hes tha fuckin doubt/anxiety in my brain…why would u name your issue? Cause hes in my brain all tha time might as well name the bastard i really need someone to vent to im sick of fuckin life anf i havent even started it yet

1.everything makes me angry it can even be lil things i just hate everything tired of having anxiety 24/7

3.tired of people callin me weird 

Im lonely everyday and have all the time in the world i could be gettin so much work done but most the time im depressed and angry to where im to frusterated to get anything done


Just a dumbass photo of me 


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