Stand for your beliefs 

Look…i believe in god and all that for the number of reasons and proofs 


me and you👈….you expect everything was specifically designed the way it was cause of a big bang..yeh ok…but thats your beliefs if your a

Atheist,free mason,Baptist anything who gives a fuck every religion has a moral of the story and that is…GOD…. so why claim all these gods n shit when every religion is refurring to a god i believe in god but im not a perfect Christian far from it and i clearly hate slobby ass christians that think there better than everyone bitch..just stop 

And i hate those “people” that think Christians n shit are lame and all that like shut tha fuck up.. im methodist… but ive had athiest friends when i was in school cause who gives a fuck what a person beliefs if that person is cool to me imma be cool back it comes in my nature..


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