Whats this blog about?

I made this blog strictly cause i never had one so i chose to make it and i can speak my mind on here  whenever i need to…

I mostly talk about music,my opinions on things,and things i wanna do in the future.. but ill talk about other things to like the things i RANT about cause it really makes me mad im not one of those bloggers that post rant and you read it and its like half the other bloggers that post the same shit…if my RANTS offend you thats not my problem..

1.you chose to look at it

2.you chose to be offended

Almost everyone ik gets offended over words like how you gonna let someone have power from some words and allow it to change YOUR mood like fuck that idgaf about what people say or think about me and if more people would be like that we wouldnt have these stupid ass things called “TRENDS” but half of everyone cant think for there self while being stupid ass whores so…people say forget it ill join tha crowd..but people called me weird cause i do the complete opposite fuckin dumbasses 


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