Were The Solo Ones

From day 1 everyone I knew has had a plan of being that “popular kid” going to parties,smoking to seem cool…Me fuck that I do what I like I ain’t trying to impress no one I don’t smoke cause I have bad anxiety plus I ain’t tryna fuck up my lungs in the long run everyone looking for a reason to seem cool and I’m sick of it be your self that’s what makes you different in a world full of manicans but shit that’s your business so whatever…ANYWAYS I made solo Menace cause I’m just a loner that always got caught n shit doing regular crap that didn’t concern no one but hey I always got caught always alienated man…like the spot light was always on me for no reason shit…WERE THE SOLO ONES… meaning were the ones that are always by ourself and seem to have the spotlight when we ain’t even ask for that shit…fuck a trend setter..fuck all tha lame ass druggies asking me u wanna buy some shit hell no fuckin loser get a job… anyways I was ranting for a sec..ha also fuck all them girls that like 21 pilots and Starbucks fucking sheep..yes I make music since you so concerned with what I do with my life damn….


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